Sonic The Hedgehog 1: The Harder Levels Version

As its own name says, this is arom-hacking project of Sonic The Hedgehog 1 for Sega Genesis which consists on be a different version of Sonic The Hedgehog that reproduces their original levels with increased difficulty. The three different game modes and new characters available gives dozens of different gameplay experiences.


Sonic The Hedgehog

Holding down and pressing the jump button, Sonic will release his powered spin-dash, which make him capable of destroy walls and enemies in a very fast speed.

If you jump and press the jump button in the mid-air, Sonic will perform his speed breaker. This hability will break its speed and will allow him to dodge enemy projectiles without the need of touch the floor first. The speed breaker will allow Sonic to change his direction while he's still in the mid-air.

Tails (Miles Prower)

Jumping and pressing repeatedly the jump button in the air, Tails is capable of fly around the place. This will allow him to reach exclusive paths and to obtain exclusive items hidden in the stage. This hability is also powerful for evade attacks from enemies and for get past through difficult paths.

Works exactly like the hability of fly, but the swim allow him to go emerged underwater without the need of touch the floor.

Holding down and pressing the jump button, Tails will also release his powered spin-dash, which make him capable of destroy walls and enemies in a very fast speed.

Knuckles The Echidna

Due to his lower jump, Knuckles is capable of climb walls for reach unique places. The wall climb gives to the stages one of the most interesting gameplay experiences.

Holding the jump button after perform a normal jump, Knuckles will perform his mid-air glide which will give him the hability of fall slowly preventing unexpected falls in some places. To not least, he is capable to control the glide by make use of the direction keys. He can also start climbing on a wall if he find and touch one during his glide action.

Holding down and pressing the jump button, Knuckles will release the powerful spin-dash, which make him capable of destroy walls and enemies in a very fast speed.



Game Modes

Original Mode
Originally, Sonic 1 Harder Levels was planned to have the "spike bug" fixed. In its original mode, Sonic 1 Harder Levels will work exactly like its predecessor, the version 0.6, which hadn't the famous "spike bug" present.

Harder Mode
When playing in the harder mode, the famous "spike bug" will be enabled. And not least, the "spike bug" will be present in all kinds of objects which are against Sonic. It includes enemy hits, enemy projectiles, spikes (obviously), lava among much others. Considering this, the difficulty increases hardly when playing in this mode.

Expert Mode
This mode will require a huge load of player's intelligence. Sonic will have only 3 lives with no powerup, no rings and all monitors gets changed into Eggman monitors. It to don't say that the level layouts gets much harder and it has much enemies than in the previous modes.

Change soundtrack according with your likes

Through the options menu you'll have a option which will allow you to select a fixed playlist or if you want a random melody based on the zone's thematic. If you select any fixed playlist, the game will play always the same song during the level you play when start the game. It works like any other known Sonic game. If you select the random list, the game will select a song for play everytime Sonic dies in the levels you play. For select the playlist you want, you'll need to check out the tab labelled Music Playlist where you'll see the following:

Playlist Type A
Playlist Type B
Playlist Type C
These playlists will enable a fixed song for every act you play. If Sonic dies, the game will keep up the first song played until Sonic reaches the end of the level. So the next act will play a different song according the playlist ID you choose.

Random Playlist
The random playlist plays a different song everytime Sonic dies. The game will randomly select a song between three song which the level has. Obviously, these songs will be based on the songs for the current level which are stored in the playlists A, B or C.

Music Theater

The Music Theater is a completely new sound test menu with a brand new theater visual where you can see details of the songs with their origins and complete names. It also have a feature which consists on enable/disable channels for a deep analysis through them. It also shows the channel activities in real-time, so the player can have more fun on listen to the songs.

Save Game Feature!

This is the save data selection screen. In this screen, the player will be allowed to store your previous gameplay in order to give to his gameplay a continuation. You can choose between up to 4 slots for store your gameplay data. The game's save data seleciton screen stores gameplay data but it allow the player to change the saved data in order to give it the most comfortable gameplay method ever.


When you press start after put the cursor over one of the slots, you'll see three options in which you can customize your gameplay before start it. Like in the options menu, you'll choose your difficulty, playlist and the character to play.


When you selected them all, you're prepared to play. You can start the game by press the START button, or you can edit your changes by press the B button.


When B is pressed, the edit file tab will appear. Exactly as you can see, you can MODIFY the save data, you can copy your saved data or you can also move your saved data to another slot...


...This way. But if you're not satisfied with this, you can press B to edit the data again.


So you can DELETE your saved file, and press the START button at the 'Don't save' tab to play your game without to store saved data using the character, playlist anddifficulty you choose in the options menu.