Sonic & Bean In E.G.G.Land

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This time, Dr Robotnik was planning to take control of the galaxy by distribute the chaos emeralds over different planets. He constructed a huge machine to put his plan in the works. But he didn't count that Sonic had eyes on him since his last try to put Death Egg to fly around the space. Tails was taking care of South Island and Knuckles got to the Angel Island to take care of the Floating Islands, so Sonic found a new partner to help him to prevent Robotnik to take control of the Earth. So, Bean and Sonic are now a new team.


Sonic The Hedgehog

Holding down and pressing the jump button, Sonic will release his powered spin-dash, which make him capable of destroy walls and enemies in a very fast speed.

If you hold up and press jump, Sonic will release his super peel out. Known from Sonic CD, this hability give a instant high speed in a turbo attack for run toward difficulty paths going them in a unique power.

To not least, Sonic is armed with his powerful homing attack, which will detect badniks and hit them in sequential hits destroying them with incredible speed.

Bean The Dynamite

If you hold up and press A, B, C, A+B, B+C or A+C, Bean will get one of his bombs so he will throw them against the enemies. With this, Bean will destroy them and will not let any piece of robot in his way.

Like Sonic, Bean also learned to perform the homing attack, which will make him fast as his new friend. The homing attack will follow any badnik from his way and will let him to do a completely cleanup in the place.

Holding down and pressing the jump button, Bean will release the spin-dash, which make him capable of destroy walls and enemies in a very fast speed.




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The Milky Way
A different type of hub, which will give you the option of choose between one of the five different planets to travel around. When you enter the designed planet, you'll be transported until the planet which you want to go.

New surprises comes
Collecting all the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic and Bean will be capable of show different powers and unique habilities.


Special Stages

Special stage picture 1

Special stage picture 2

Light dimension
The special stages transfers Bean to the Light Dimension. In the dimension of light, our adventurer will have to complete a technologic special stage through a lightning dimension which sparkles with full of beautiful lights with a unique look.

Dark dimension
The dark special stages transfers Sonic to a place full of shadows with a terrorific visual which is the result of Sonic's nightmares. He will need to obtain the Chaos Emeralds in a huge and dark maze which will be filled of special traps.